Last week I attended a fair for professionals interested in coaching in Madrid, and one of the interventions dealing with health made interesting contributions in my view.

Funny point that last 50 years have brought more advance in human health than the previous 4000 years -talking about what we have today in front of our eyes (artificial skin, stem cells, 3D organ printers, etc.)- and surprisingly, we are spending our budgets in mental illness. This clearly points towards we have mental welfare at risk.

What really shocked me was the comment on a company in South Korea that was trying to curb suicide tendency faking funerals of employees, and this is definitely something to worry about. If you want to have a look, please go to the The Telegraph new in the link below to read the article «South Korean companies make staff attend their own mock funerals to curb suicide rate».

Are we really so ill that we fight to have everything in life and think of suicide at the time? If it is so, then we have to stop and think …don’t you believe?